Please take a minute to read our terms and conditions below


Parking must be arranged by the customer. Any parking fines incurred during the job will be added to the final bill. A surcharge may be levied if our staff are not able to park within 50 metres of the entrance to either the collection or drop off property.


Congestion charges and/or toll road charges will be added to the final bill.


CTW Removals will endeavour to arrive at each job at the agreed time however circumstances out of our control may cause delays and we do not offer discounts for lateness.


It is the clients’ responsibility to be at the property or to have a representative at the property throughout the moving process as CTW Removals will not be responsible for the property if it is left unattended.


It is the clients’ responsibility to measure larger items of furniture and to make sure they will fit through doorways and stairways. CTW Removals will not be liable for any damage to walls, doors, banisters or furniture if we are asked to attempt to move furniture where there is not adequate space.


CTW Removals will not be liable for any damage caused if we are asked to assist with the dismantling and/or re-assembly of items of household furniture – this includes the taking down of blinds, curtains, pelmets or any other associated items. Similarly, we will not be responsible for any damage caused if we are asked to remove fridge/freezer doors. Any dismantling required must be agreed in advance. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee if we are asked to carry out any dismantling which has not been agreed in advance.


CTW Removals will not undertake the dismantling or rebuilding of climbing frames, trampolines, swings or any other children’s play equipment.


CTW Removals will not be responsible for damage of any nature caused if we are asked to assist with the connection or disconnection of washing machines and/or dishwashers this includes any subsequent water leakage. Furthermore, we cannot be responsible for damage to vinyl, lino or tiled flooring caused by the maneuvering of white goods or other heavy items. Under no circumstances are members of the CTW team permitted to disconnect any items that are hard-wired into the electricity supply or disconnect any gas appliances.


Any visible loss, damage or failure to produce any goods must be noted at the time of delivery. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to property after the job is complete and our staff has left the property.


CTW Removals reserve the right to refuse or cease a job at any point if any member of staff is abused - verbally or otherwise.


CTW Removals are not permitted to carry paint, oil, flammable liquids or gas canisters.


CTW Removals hold its own goods in transit insurance policy. Each van load is covered for loss and damage to the clients’ belongings up to £30,000 during transit. The client will be liable for the first £75 of each claim, no claim will be considered until full payment for the job and the £75 excess has been received in cleared funds. It is a condition of the insurance that the client provides us with a declaration of the value of their goods prior to the job commencing with itemised values for anything with a current value of £300 or over. If clients do not provide us with a declaration of the value of their goods, we will not be liable for loss or damage unless we have been negligent or in breach of contract. Clients are advised to check whether or not their goods are covered for damage during removals by their household contents insurance.


Our goods in transit insurance is extended to indemnify us against all risks of legal liability to household removals arising from any fortuitous cause during loading or unloading of the conveying vehicle or in transit therein excluding

(a) Loss or damage to food and drink, furs, jewellery, watches, precious metals, precious stones, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, money, stamps of all kinds, manuscripts and other documents. (b) Loss or damage caused by or arising from wear, tear, gradual deterioration, mildew, moth, vermin, or any process of cleaning, repairing or restoring. (c) Mechanical and/or electrical derangement unless caused by external means. (d) Breakage of/damage to owner-packed goods unless caused by a major accident to the means of conveyance. We will not be liable for loss of or damage to your goods as a result of fire or explosion howsoever that fire or explosion was caused, unless we have been negligent or in breach of contract.


Clients who are carrying out their own packing are required to have all ‘box-able items’ safely packed ready to be moved by the agreed start time. Any delay to the removal process caused by failure to pack properly may result in an additional charge – please refer to our ‘Packing Tips’ document or ask a member of staff should you require any assistance.


We will endeavour to take all reasonable precautions whilst moving wooden furniture covered with a veneer, however because veneer is only a thin layer of wood attached with glue to a solid base, it is very vulnerable to chips and cracks on the edges of the surface. To this end, we will not be liable for damage caused to veneer edges.


CTW Removals are happy to transport garden plant pots however because many pots become weakened and brittle over time, we will not be responsible for any breakages unless we have been negligent or damage is caused by a major accident to the means of conveyance.


Whilst we will endeavour to undertake jobs in all weather conditions, we will not be held responsible for any financial loss due to cancellation or postponement due to conditions that are deemed to be dangerous to our staff.


We allow up to an hour waiting time during each move (waiting for estate agent/letting agent/inventory clerk to release keys or previous occupiers to move out etc), after this period, we will make an additional charge of £10 per hour or part hour, per man. (If the client is waiting on legal completion the start of the 1 hour waiting time will not commence before 1pm).


In the highly unlikely event that legal completion does not take place on the scheduled day, items will be stored at the expense of the clients and an additional charge of 50% of the original quoted price plus VAT will be added to the final bill in addition to any other reasonable expenses such as overnight accommodation and/or additional fuel costs.


Unless otherwise agreed in advance, payment is due on the day of the job and can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. In the event that the bill remains unpaid for 3 working days after the date of the job, we reserve the right to charge 4% of the total bill as a late payment charge each week or part week thereafter until the bill is paid in full.


Whilst we will do our best to accommodate your move date, if you are selling and buying, we cannot take a confirmed booking until contracts have been exchanged.


Once a booking has been confirmed, the client will be required to give CTW Removals a minimum of 7 days notice if they wish to cancel the booking. Jobs cancelled without 7 days notice will be charged at the full rate.

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